Deposit of $50% is payable before commencement of any work on blog designs. Payments can be made through Paypal or bank deposit.

All requests can be negotiated.

We design in WordPress.org. Extra charges will apply if you don’t have a blog, never had a blog, or need full tutorials. We don’t design WordPress.com.

The expected time of the finished product will be communicated throughout the design process. This time can vary from 2-6weeks. If you need a rush job, please let us know as we are happy to try and accommodate.

We try to answer emails daily, but this is not always possible. We try to at least answer you within 48 hours.

Designs can look different on mozilla, explorer, mac, pc…. if you have any dramas, please let us know as we are designing on a pc via google chrome.

Please back-up your blog before we edit your layout. A how-to is here.

Designs are done on the most current wordpress platform at time of hand-over. If wordpress updates a version, we cannot be responsible for your ongoing maintenance as layouts/templates/plugins vary from site to site. This services is, however, available so please email for costings.

We will ask for your ideas before we proceed so we are clear on the theme. We are happy to make changes, but will not make new designs throughout the process. We have the right to charge a fee if we feel unreasonable design requests are being made. We also do not add content to your blog pages for you unless previously agreed.

Once we have finished and installed the design we ask that you please make no changes yourself after that time. You may add widgets and change sidebars around to suit.

Blog banners are not your ‘logo’ so you cannot use your banner on twitter avatars, backgrounds, facebook, business cards etc… If you’d like to use it though, please email for an additional quote.

All designs by The Media Maid are protected by copyright and we request all content remains intact. If you wish to change anything we are happy to assist with ongoing maintenance/further changes for a small fee. No fonts, colours, tabs can be changed by yourself as you’ve paid for a custom design, therefore it’s not easy for you to do yourself (we just want you to be aware of this – however, if you’re clever then feel free to!).

Once we have logged out of your account, we can’t log back in unless you pay a small fee for our time as we have generally moved on to the next job. We are happy to make changes within 48 hours after handover.

Please communicate your ideas effectively and efficiently before we start designing. Please do not introduce new ideas throughout the process.

Designs do not include answers to questions regarding how to build numbers and rankings on your blog. We are always happy to give you tips, but if you require knowledge about building the success of your websites/blogs please email us in regards to Marketing.

We can provide invoice for tax purposes if required.

Terms and pricing are subject to change but are current at time of job booking.

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The Media Maid was created is 2010 after we realised bloggers wanted all the bells and whistles for their online experience but they didn’t have the big bucks. That’s where we help!

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